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Small to mid size companies lack the personalle with higher level accounting experience to analyze company  performance and assist the business owner(s) with making key decisions critical to their business.  CeFO provides years of experience to assist the business owner(s) with the following:       
  • Reviewing financial statements and developing a program to review areas for potential problems  
  • Analyzing results and systems to potentially improve profitability  
  • Implementing a budget and monitoring system  
  • Assisting as a sounding board for issues with management and staff issues and implementing/tools to improve performance or change personnel

  • Performing analysis of the accounting system to structure a Company for potential sale (pre-sale due diligence)-these procedures could avoid significant adjustments to a letter of intent negotiated between a buyer and a seller before due diligence and possible  save hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars.   

  • Assisting companies with acquisition of potential companies (due diligence programs)     
  • May also include our services listed under Outsourced Chief Financial Officer Services and Business  Services   

Client Profile: Businesses with revenue from $1 million to $100 million (some            
 start-up companies meeting certain criteria)   

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