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CEFO, Inc specializes in Family Office Services for families with an average net worth exceeding $50 million (we do provide some services for families with smaller net worth). Our family office services give the client the ability to completely outsource all accounting, financial, and tax requirements. The chief financial officer is at the heart of the family office. CeFO, Inc. serves as the chief financial officer for our client by providing accounting, administrative, and tax services. The family office best functions with team members who are best at their core competencies as follows:

CEFO, Inc provides the accounting services and coordinates other services with other professionals. For example, CEFO, Inc prepare a fair market value balance sheet of the family office and then works with the estate planning attorney to strategize an appropriate estate plan.

Our services include the following:

  • Maintain client books in full double entry accounting system
  • During start up phase with client, develop useful financial reports including but not limited to
    • Personal net worth statement, monthly cash flow statement (summarizing all cash receipts and disbursements for client)
    • Include data regarding unrealized gain or loss summary for all client brokerage accounts
    • Weekly or monthly check registers (so client is aware of all cash receipts and disbursements)
    • Other reports developed by client and CEFO, Inc
  • Monthly review of financials between CeFO and client
  • Key member of client "team" which usually includes working very closely with general attorney, estate tax attorney, and investment/banker. This includes:
    • Assist with estate planning brainstorming
    • Assist with investment brainstorming
  • Assist client with management of all banking relationships including negotiating lines of credit, mortgages, financing for investments and acquisitions. This includes compliance with all loan terms (providing financials, etc.)
  • CEFO, Inc can prepare client income tax returns or work with existing client relationship by providing tax data to facilitate preparation
  • Receive client bills at CEFO, Inc office or PO Box
  • Pay bills weekly electronically using bank online processing or Intuit bill pay processing. All payments processed using confidential PIN which is only provided to CeFO management.
  • All invoices are filed electronically at CEFO, Inc office (CEFO, Inc is a completely paperless office)
  • Implement system for credit card (Amex, Visa, etc) payments and review for client
  • Assist with annual renewal of insurance policies (working with insurance agent)
  • Assist with acquisition/investment analysis (for example, client invests in a company as an angel investor or private placement)
  • Assistance with due diligence on potential investments and acquisitions
  • General resource to client for brainstorming financial and accounting related matters (over 20 years experience dealing with various issues encountered working with numerous high net worth individuals)
  • Annual meeting to review complete client financial plan, planning, family legacy, and related matters
  • For clients with charitable goals, assist with Private Foundation and related matters
  • Facilitate and process bank transfers and wires
  • Reconcile all bank and investment statements

Task Examples:

  • Assisted with aircraft acquisition
  • IRS audits
  • Business sale structure
  • Assisted with troubled investments-took over Company and restructured
  • Insurance coordination (multiple residences, special assets, etc.)

Client Profile: Net Worth exceeding $50 million (some exceptions)

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